The Perfect Presentation

I’ll admit it, I’ve been late to jump on the Mad Men train. I watched a few episodes when it first came out on AMC but, to be honest, got a bit bored and went back to my HBO roots (The Wire, mostly). After hearing about the show from a number of colleagues for the … Continue reading

Creative Makes a Difference

When I first started at an ad agency, I questioned the extend to how far creative could go to help a brand and drive sales. I emailed an old professor and even asked him to recommend a couple of books that show the direct tie between creative and sales. Thoughout my agency journey, I’ve since … Continue reading

I Wish I Made This Spot

Could this be my new favorite spot of 2008? Quite possibly. I wasn’t sure what this was for prior to watching it and I’m not going to spoil it for you but the tone, examples and track (from Babel) make this a highly emotional piece. The quality of the shots is superb, acting great and … Continue reading

What do we do?

One of the best pieces of advice I’ve received in the industry is always keeping in mind what someone in client services actually does – sell creative. With continual deadlines, timelines, media mistakes, client feedback, creative push-back, office politics, technical issues, freelancer issues, production problems, server and email problems and all the other fun problems … Continue reading

The "Fun" of Client Approvals

How many approvals does your creative have to go through? My guess is that the norm would be at least 4: Creative Director Brand Director Direct Client Report Clients Boss For some, it’s way more. But hey, at least the feedback is never consolidated… From Bannerblog

Be More Creative – Example 1

This is, by far, the greatest Ebay auction item I have ever come across. As someone who loves to torment their best friends by leaving “hate” messages and engaging in ridiculous pranks, this is amazing. Last I checked the bid is $415US. See full description below:You are bidding on a rare chance to traumatize a … Continue reading

Extremely Creative Execution – Literacy Foundation

Watch this brilliant spot from Blue Blanc Rouge for the Literacy Foundation. Two targets reached one execution.