CP+B Creates a Good Microsoft Video

I’m not a big fan of the “I’m a PC” stuff. The little kids are cute and all and the celebrities help ensure that people watch the spots instead of fast-forward them, but they still feel a bit strange to me. I think it’s probably due to the fact that they are referring to Apple … Continue reading

The Viral Video Formula

I think that in the last five years, every marketer has uttered the words, “Let’s make a viral video“. From the Pizza Hut disaster to Samsung and their LED sheep, they’re literally everywhere. Most fail, but some make it. And the ones that do typically get a nice write up in AdAge and other marketing … Continue reading

Like Small Animals? Samsung Does…

File this under the “Random Video” category for Samsung. Full credit though, as this looks to be real animals in some funny situations (all grounded in the different ‘capabilities’ that the handset has – from small fireplace to ‘Hedgehog World Domination Tool.’ The video was posted in mid-February and already has over half a million … Continue reading

A Rare Nike Miss?

I don’t really know what to think about this online video from Nike. I like the premise and the concept but right when you think it’s about to get really funny, it falls flat. Seems like an odd fit for the brand and with less than 4,000 views on YouTube, it doesn’t appear like this … Continue reading

Let’s Party

I think this is my current favorite spot of 2009. It’s random (and weird) and is part of a series for a travel company. But it sticks out and I’d definitely stop my FFWD on the PVR to check it out a few times.  Here’s the second version of the campaign (a little more out … Continue reading

Guitar Hero Bike Hero

Here is the latest viral video from Droga5 and Co. It was created to promote Guitar Hero World tour and already has over 1.4 million YouTube views. I’m pretty mixed on this one. It’s a cool idea but gamers are an influential and savvy group and they don’t like fake stuff. A quick look at … Continue reading


This is cool. A genius application of technology to a brief. How can you ensure that your video can be seen by all? Company firewalls will block your videos from getting through unless they are in Excel.

Be A Good Person

I feel like I’ve heard of this viral campaign from BK before (for another brand) but can’t remember which one. Essentially, BK is sending random people to the streets in crowded places. They stratigically drop their wallet and when someone picks it up to give back to them they reply, “Don’t worry, it’s on the … Continue reading

Takeout Sushi? Really?

How hard is it to position Sushi that’s delivered to you? Think about it. It’s not hard to find a decent Sushi restauarant (at least if your in an urban centre). Service is quick and it’s pretty cheap so why would you even consider ordering? Sure, you might be pressed for time but you could … Continue reading

Diesel is SFW (Sort Of)

I’ve got to say that when I read the Contagious article about the new Diesel campaign, I was skeptical. Until I watched the video (posted below). Diesel SFW XXX – Watch more free videos The Viral Factory, an agency in the UK and US responsible for other viral campaigns for Axe and other large brands, … Continue reading