Mobile. You Don’t Know Until It’s Gone.

For the last week, I haven’t had a mobile phone. I’ve been in the UK for just under a week now and just haven’t had time (or a bank account, until today) to actually get one. For someone who had an iPhone and a BlackBerry for the past two years, it’s a dramatic and strange … Continue reading

AdAge Crystal Ball 2.0 Revisited

In early 2008 AdAge contacted the top 150 blogs in their Power 150 blog rankings and asked the writers of those blogs to tell AdAge what technology marketers should be paying most attention to in 2008. They called it Crystal Ball 2.0. Now, here we are a year later; who was right? Who was wrong? … Continue reading

Half the World…

The International Telecommunications Union (ITU) reported today that the world has passed the 3.3 billion mark in mobile phones. 49% global penetration. Developing countries like Africa lead the largest gains with 39% growth annually. Couple that with India and China’s massive growth rates and it makes sense how quickly cell phones have spread. What does … Continue reading

An Unbelievable Statistic

Found on Interesting Snippets Interesting Snippets is a visual blog of sorts that is a wonderful way to learn, waste some time and entertain yourself. View the full slide show here.