Top 10 ‘Badass’ Brands of 2009

For our first Top 10 list, Emma has asked us to do a rundown of the best ‘Badass’ brands of the year. Prior to doing so, I had to look up what Badass actually meant and the always-accurate Urban dictionary has a good definition: “1. adjective. having extremely favorable qualities 2. adjective. pertaining to a … Continue reading

He’s Back

The great thing about Nike? They get timing and they don’t wait for a product to create a great spot about their brands. Here’s one that was released this week for Tiger’s return. Great stuff:


The folks at EA sports continue to impress with their latest spot featuring Tiger Woods. It’s pretty amazing what this guy can do on the golf course.

Brilliant Response

Big corporations are scared of user generated sites like YouTube. Why? Because of one reason: control. It’s scary to launch a campaign and have people give you feedback in real time, especially if there could be thousands of them speaking negitively about your brand. But there is also a huge opportunity to leverage the masses … Continue reading

Weiden Does it Again with "Never"

I’ve always been a huge fan of Nike ads. The brand is strong, the tone is always dead on and nothing makes you want to be more active (and wear Nike) than a spot with one of their high profile athletes. While reading ESPN today, I came across an article for Nike’s newest Tiger Woods … Continue reading