Best video of 2009? Maybe. Greatest wedding entrance? Yes.

Not ad related at all but related in the fact that is amazing, contagious and made my evening. Tyler found this by searching the bowels of the internet also know as Perez Hilton. In Tyler’s words this will be the “best video of 2009”. UPDATE: Ty here – I wanted to add a thought to … Continue reading

Best Gatorade Spot

Can you spot the gatorade in this video? This video is really getting attention. Over 5000 diggs, about a half million views in 2 weeks over 3 videos.


That’s the number of videos that were viewed online in 2007 according to Comscore. Google sites (YouTube), represented the largest stake of the views with over 32% of the total. With numbers like that, the pre-roll won’t be far away! From Mashable – – Broadcast Him

Yes. This actually exists. As the web continues to grow, many of the most popular sites (like YouTube, Facebook and MySpace) will soon make way for specific niche social networks. In a recent post about Ning, we discussed a number of different niche groups around very specific interests – from Vampires to Cabbage Patch doll … Continue reading

New Campaign – Elle Macpherson Intimates

Apparently these are all ads for Elle Macpherson Intimates. See all the campaign with branding right HERE. HERE HERE HERE . The Glue Society created this unconventional campaign that shows that women can do more in lingerie than just be mind-blowing, unbelievably hot. My Question is this; Why did they remove the branding from the … Continue reading