Obama and New Media

A lot has been written about the Obama campaign being the greatest political campaign of all time. He raised more money than anyone (over $600 million US), dominated in the polls and created brand enthausists like nobody else. A few days ago, one of his lead new media communication strategists – Rahaf Harfoush – gave … Continue reading

The Marketers Election re-cap

Elections are a pretty big deal down in the US and of course marketers are always looking to capitalize on the wave. Everyone including Joe the plumber, 7/11, MTV, Ben & Jerry’s, Tropicana, Baskin Robbins, AT&T and more. A couple of the marketing efforts that stood out in my mind are:1. 7/11 – coffee votesWhat … Continue reading

Nothing like a couple of fake movie posters to help raise awareness about the Presidential candidates. It’s amazing how some simple facts about the candidates (John McCain is old, Obama being new) can be used to create the main stories about their individual brands.