I’m Voting Republican

This video, posted to YouTube a few weeks ago, has picked up a ton of steam. It’s nice to see that the American political system is getting some play on the most popular video site in the world.

5 Million? Seriously?

The new Volkswagen commercial. Although Gisele is a big draw…was it worth the helicopters, explosions and washed up action star?

What the hell happened?

Remember when Old Spice spots were good? Now that the good creatives at CP+B are bored of the Old Spice briefs, they’re giving the hack teams a chance.

Man vs. Banner

When was the last time you clicked on a banner? I bet when you did you were on the site for about 2 sections and went straight for the “back” button. Or it was just a mistake when you were trying to click on the “photo” tab in Facebook. But sometimes Banners win. And here’s … Continue reading

Google Trends for Websites

Paul has written numerous times about his love for Google Trends. If you are going into a client presentation or trying to convince a coworker with some good online stats, it’s worth checking out. Google has recently updated Trends with a new feature – the ability to search approximate web traffic against other sites. It’s … Continue reading

JC Penny + Teen Sex

Good execution. Nice spot. I like the JC Penny strategy, however this is an interesting choice to come out of the gates with. Has anyone seen any other spots that follows this campaign? Thanks to Chirs for the link.

New Media D-Bag’s

Got sent this video from a friend…nothing like being a Web 2.o D-bag. Found on MakeJohnnyCash

Your Knockers…An Open Casing Call

Finally, a user-generated content idea that really hits home. Wonderbra has announced that they are going to be holding an open casting call in London to find their next models. It is being billed as the largest underwear shoot ever. Here’s to the million views that the post-tryout video gets. Only one question: What percentage … Continue reading

Dos Equis – The most interesting man in the world

Etrade baby is back