Is Your Agency Ready?

Are they prepared for the digital revolution? Do they have the capabilities, experience and staff to create strategies and win in the new world of advertising? Is their media company forward thinking, challenging and hell bent on ensuring they’ve developed the best plan for the campaign (and are prepared to optimize it?). Are the teams … Continue reading

Agencies – Then and Now

Remember the good old days of advertising? The ones that are shown on Mad Men? I don’t. I’m 25 and have no idea what it was like. But I’ve heard stories. Lot’s of them and they usually have some consistent themes: – Creatives ran the world (and the agencies). Account management was ensuring that your … Continue reading

5 Year Agency Outlook

Just scanned through a recent article from Tom Martin about how agencies will change in the future. I think if you work for a brand or in an agency, you’re in the midst of a huge shift. Traditional agency models are changing (not only due to digital and new technologies) and clients are demanding more … Continue reading


Another great post from Advergirl about the importance of training within the agency environment. I find that success early on in the industry really depends on who your core team is, how the train you on specific aspects of the job (ie. managing creatives, writing a brief and saying no to a client) and how … Continue reading

What do we do?

One of the best pieces of advice I’ve received in the industry is always keeping in mind what someone in client services actually does – sell creative. With continual deadlines, timelines, media mistakes, client feedback, creative push-back, office politics, technical issues, freelancer issues, production problems, server and email problems and all the other fun problems … Continue reading