Peer Into a Soul

Full disclosure before this post. This campaign came from my agency and I work with a ton of the great people who helped put it all together. It’s been getting a lot of attention in Canada (and around the world) and we couldn’t help but post about it. So here it goes. Recently, Kia launched … Continue reading

Better Than Free – Your Guide to the Future

Remember Kevin Kelly? We posted about his fabulous TED talk a few months ago and I’ve been obsessed with his blog ever since. Kevin is a futurist | web expert | blogger | idea man and one of the smartest people out there when it comes to thinking about what’s next. He’s written a short … Continue reading

8 Thoughts on the Digital Marketing Conference

Last Monday, I spent the day at Marketing Magazine’s digital conference. It was a pretty good day and it was great to see the level of interest people in our industry have about the space. Sorry it took me so long to post about it, but here are 8 random things from the day: 1. … Continue reading

Pretty Good. Pretty, Damn, good.

Got together with a group of friends tonight to watch the election results and I’ve got to say, the McCain and Obama speeches were fantastic. It’s not often that you see a moment like this one – the culmination of a two year campaign, a horrible state of American affairs, the need for new leadership … Continue reading

The Last Seven Posts

A week ago, I wrote about how I wanted to focus more on digital opinions and post some of my thoughts to AdJoke. I stuck to it for about a week and have linked to my individual opinions below. A few quick thoughts: – While it’s great to post opinions, I was dying to comment … Continue reading

Ad Quote of the week

“You can’t predict the future but you can arrive there a little less surprised.” – Peter Bishop From Chuck Brymer’s presentation on “creating swarms”.

Warning: Gamers Are Cool [and Influential]

I’ve been developing some in game strategies for a client and, as a result, have spent some time thinking and learning about gamers. I think for anyone over 30 the concept of gaming still seems nerdy, weird and reserved for young boys who spend a bit too much time in their parent’s basements. To be … Continue reading

Thinking Digital

A collegue of mine flipped me a link to a fantastic video from the Sony “Do you know series”. It’s a collection of stats – about global population growth, the rapid changes in techonlogy, the future of jobs and advertising. A couple that really jumped out at me: – The 25% of India’s population with … Continue reading

The Only Place I Want to See an Ad

It’s not on television. Not right before a movie. Not in the car listening to the radio during a “Top 100 Rock songs of 1995” break. Not in a newspaper or magazine. Not on the subway or street car. Not on the back of my favorite football team. Not on my Xbox and certainly not … Continue reading

People Don’t Like Display Ads…

Another shocking article from today’s Marketing Magazine update: Canadian’s don’t like online display advertising and they don’t trust it. (well, approximately 62% of us feel that way): “62% of respondents said they are skeptical of paid advertising included within their Internet searches. This may be a reflection of the early days of the Internet, where … Continue reading