How Should Blogs be Ranked?

I came across a recent article in Marketing Magazine (our nemesis for the time being…) about their favorite marketing and advertising blogs. What interested me wasn’t the list itself, but how the authors choose the blogs in the first place. In typical fashion, they were simply accompanied by a headline and their list of favorites … Continue reading


Another great post from Advergirl about the importance of training within the agency environment. I find that success early on in the industry really depends on who your core team is, how the train you on specific aspects of the job (ie. managing creatives, writing a brief and saying no to a client) and how … Continue reading

Agency Interview Tips

Another great post on interviews from Advergirl. If you’ve got one coming up or are planning on starting your search for a new agency, read these.

Advergirl’s Four Rules for Career Success

Advergirl is a great little blog about advertising. The writer, a true account person, has a ton of fun posts ranging from working with various parts of the industry to neat campaigns. One of her latest posts outlines four simple rules for success in the industry. To quote: Never be silent in a meeting. You’re … Continue reading