Honda Shine’s with Vimeo

We recently did a post about the new Honda ‘Let it Shine’ spot. It was another great TV spot from W+K. But what about the integrated campaign? Better yet, how could Honda take this idea and spread it online in meaningful way? Cue a great media partnership with Vimeo. Honda has created a fantastic page … Continue reading

New Honda

W+K has just launched a new spot for Honda. As per usual, the work is very good and the concept is getting a ton of coverage across Europe. What I’ve always loved about the Honda work is that they think big. With an positioning about the Power of Dreams, you pretty much have too.

Honda Does it Again…

Trolling through AdAge’s Creativity top spots of the week, I came across this one from Honda. It’s hard to tell one car ad from another these days. They’ve always got to have shots of the cars moving on an open road, a slick interior, maybe an over-the-top test of strength (think any truck ad ever … Continue reading

Honda Makes Music, but the drops the ball

The road is grooved so that the tires running on it create notes when you drive over it. The URL in the ad drives you to The Civic Project at What do you get when you visit? Just their line of cars. No explanation of what you saw. Even if you do a search … Continue reading

Live Advertising – Honda

A few days ago, Honda in Spain did this live ad. I know that Honda is all about “The Power of Dreams” but this is pretty different. It got a ton of coverage in Europe and will probably be talked about for the next few weeks Honda Live Advert Sky Dive Difficult is worth doingby … Continue reading

W+K London Does It Again

The Power of Dreams

New spot for Honda from W+K in London. Honda has done some amazing spots over the last couple of years and have stayed true to their Power of Dreams campaign. A couple of my favorites includes the evolution of an English race car driver, the human sound spot and – of course – the rip-off … Continue reading