The Decision Paradox

Lately, I’ve been reading a lot about the effects of the abundance of choice on consumers. With the internet offering limitless choice – from different blogs to any product you imagine to any type of niche community you could want to be a part of or create – we’ve all got a lot more choices … Continue reading

Ask the Right Questions

Welcome to 2010. While we all make our usual resolutions (not drinking for a month, working out more, reading more, etc), here’s one idea for you to think about over the next 12 months: don’t ask the obvious questions, ask the right one. Malcolm Gladwell gave a TED talk in 2007 about what we can … Continue reading

"Global, Social, Ubiquitous and Cheap"

Media has changed. We all know this and have read through the statistics on usage, consumer habits and, of course, the decline of the print world. The old world models are over. The control is in the hands of the consumer and the conversation is totally uncontrolled. To most people in the digital world, these … Continue reading

Minority Report – It’s Here

I’ve always thought that Minority Report was a cool movie from an advertising sense. The idea that billboards could have eye scans that would access our data and create targeted messages just for us seems crazy – until you realize that many digital sites and online ads (um…Facebook?) are getting close to this. Still, the … Continue reading

Does School Kill Creativity?

When Presentation Zen recommends a TED talk (and calls it his favorite of all-time), I watch. This is a fabulous talk about how the foundation of education needs to foster creative thought – not kill it. So many industries operate under the same “follow this path to success” model that many creative ideas are killed … Continue reading

The Only Conference You Should go to in 2009

We all want (need) to learn more. About anything – especially why people buy, how brands influence them and – most importantly – how we can help our clients in the upcoming year. But how do we have any time to learn extra? We spend all of it shipping ads, meeting delivery dates, pleading with … Continue reading

Better Than Free – Your Guide to the Future

Remember Kevin Kelly? We posted about his fabulous TED talk a few months ago and I’ve been obsessed with his blog ever since. Kevin is a futurist | web expert | blogger | idea man and one of the smartest people out there when it comes to thinking about what’s next. He’s written a short … Continue reading

The Best TED Video I’ve Ever Seen

We’ve done a lot of posts about the quality presentations at the TED conference. From new systems from the leading technology companies (Photosynth) to staggering web stats that would blow your mind to new systems that could help eliminate poverty, global warming and illiteracy in the world. There are a lot of great videos – … Continue reading

The 4th Screen

Although Nokia’s global market share is falling, their advertising is getting better and better. I love this brand spot for their N-Series line and hope it helps the brand. Quite unreal to not show your product until the 1:31 mark of a two minute spot, but it works.

Thank You

We’ve been blogging for over a year now and just wanted to say thanks again to all of our readers. It’s always nice to complete a post, it’s even better when someone sends you a note or comments on it so please let us know what you think. Thanks again. Why are we so thankful? … Continue reading