We think therefore we are

A very interesting video promoting Charles leadbetter’s new book “We Think”. It touches on the fact that in the past you were waht you owned; but today we are moving towards a world where you are what you share.

Trying to get agencies to get it

I have commented previously on how I believe that the biggest opportunity for ad agencies since the invention of the alphabet is digital – but we have just begun to really understand this opportunity ourselves. To take advantage of this opportunity we need to begin by educating ourselves, then we educate our clients, then we … Continue reading

The realities of Water

Good Magazine gives us another reason to rethink our water usage. Enjoy that $3 bottle of Voss and all of the guilt that comes with it….

7-year old Gangsta steals SUV and destroys

This is unbelievable. I can’t even begin to discuss what my favourite parts of this video are. A seven-year old stole his grandma’s Durango, and hit a whole bunch of shit. Some of my favourites lines are: “My friend (7-yrs old) he smoked with cigarettes” “I wanted to do hoodrat stuff with my friend” “It’s … Continue reading

iband – Life is greater than the internet

An Austrian trio that has become a phenomenon in their home country thanks to YouTube, iPhones and a little genius.

Grand Theft Auto IV vs. Halo 3

I will continue to watch Google Trends with interest to see if the release of Grand Theft Auto will explode and exceed the effect Halo 3 had. Let’s see if Google trends mimics sales.

Interesting Snippets

Found on Flickr in Lynetter’s interesting snippets. The first quote has never been more true than in todays world. I only hear news if it shows up in the Globe & Mail I read everyday, or if it rises to the top within Digg or is sent to me by Google reader. I no longer … Continue reading

Culture Jamming

Culture jamming is an interesting phenomenon. Over the past decade, a number of examples of culture jamming have surfaced across the world (some of my favorites below). To the normal person, culture jamming is nothing more than a defaced billboard, an advertisement with some ironic graffiti or any OOH piece that has been “tampered” with. … Continue reading

Toronto Dundas Square

If you haven’t yet seen what Dundas Square in Toronto is set to become just take a look at the first picture. The second is an amazing panoramic of it as it stands today. Found on Flickr.

Take Care Down There

An awesome site from Planned Parenthood. Take care down there is full of entertaining and educational videos that teenagers just might watch, talk about and learn from. My favourites are “threesome”, “bring your sister”, “I didn’t spew” and “Horse Penis Virus”. They sure beat this condom video from India that I posted in 2007.