CP+B Creates a Good Microsoft Video

I’m not a big fan of the “I’m a PC” stuff. The little kids are cute and all and the celebrities help ensure that people watch the spots instead of fast-forward them, but they still feel a bit strange to me. I think it’s probably due to the fact that they are referring to Apple … Continue reading

Must Watch – PS22

Came across this great video from young music class. When you combine Eye of the Tiger with some random kids and a hilarious solo, you’ve got user-generated gold. Although this video isn’t ad related, it does show that everything on YouTube doesn’t necessarily suck. I think that forward thinking brands will use their agencies to … Continue reading

MINI Does it Again

This quote says it all: “I think we’re in a viral!” It’s about time a smart-brand made fun of all the fake viral vids out there. Loving this. From Adrants

A Complex Issue – Simplified

Absolutely love this video. As communication people, we need to be able to take a complex topic and turn it into something for everyone to understand. The credit crisis – for all of the reports, articles and stories – is extremely complicated. So how do you understand how we got to our current, global economic … Continue reading

Nice Work, Heineken

PJC posted a spot a few days ago for Heineken’s new global campaign – featuring a male’s dream walk-in closet full of cold Heineken’s. Advergirl recently posted a follow up that a couple of guys (most likely with the help of a good ad agency), just made. Call it, the ultimate follow up to the … Continue reading

Cadbury Gorilla Follow Up ("Eyebrow Dance")

Cadbury made it big in 2008 with their Glass and a Half Full “Gorilla” video (which went viral and was then released on cinema’s as a 2 minute spot across the world). Here’s the follow up: Right now, it’s only got about 2,700 views on YouTube but I think that the randomness (and the fact … Continue reading

Let’s Party

I think this is my current favorite spot of 2009. It’s random (and weird) and is part of a series for a travel company. But it sticks out and I’d definitely stop my FFWD on the PVR to check it out a few times.  Here’s the second version of the campaign (a little more out … Continue reading

"WE WANT VIRAL!" screams Pizza Hut

Another client screams for viral video and guess what, agencies happily oblidge. This new video from Pizza Hut did get 100,000 views in just over a weekend, however I’ve got to say that the positioning doesn’t really work for me: “Pizza Hut is so good we want to throw it in the face of small … Continue reading

The Best Viral Videos of 2008

Simply amazing. I love it. Just watch. This video just made my day.

NY Agency Sex Tape [Seriously?]

Agency Spy recently wrote about a video they received showing two NY digital agency folks having sex in their office pod. Allegedly, the two are pretty senior and the video is making it’s way around the web pretty fast. Asylum just posted an anonymous interview with the guy who shot the video. He was fired … Continue reading