The Grey Album

In what has become a defining moment for Web 2.0, DJ Danger Mouse ‘s The Grey Album turned 3 a few weeks ago. The album, a mash-up of The Beatles 1968 White Album and Jay-Z’s 2003 Black Album, became a web sensation and one of the top downloaded albums on Napster (when it was in … Continue reading

The Beauty of Bulimia. Exposed.

‘no anorexia’ the new nolita campaign realised by oliviero toscani for the fashion brand of the flash&partners group, from italy leaves no room for doubt. The subject chosen to convey this message, in particular for young women who follow fashion, is that of a young girl who has fallen victim to the sickness which along … Continue reading

Organize your online life

From Trendcentral: Keeping up with email and social networking messages can be hard work for young people leaving their digital footprints all over the web. Catering to the need for a simplified online presence, a new website called Fuser launched this week. Fuser allows users to organize emails from multiple accounts (including Yahoo, Gmail, Outlook, … Continue reading

One Sweet Piece of Ass – vertising

Thank you Che.

Ad Quote of the Day

“If you look at where all the best ideas in advertising are created, it tends to be in places where taking risks is acceptable. Where budgets are small and under the radar. Where not too many people want to be involved. Where the agency or client has nothing to lose. Where the environment or culture … Continue reading

Should you stand up?

Couldn’t help but link to a recent post from Godin. When you’ve got something to say, make sure it counts. Such a true post in our industry – anyone can repeat the same facts but standing out with a meaningful comment takes something different. Complete Godin post below:“When you are ready to stand up and … Continue reading

Believe It – This IS an Ad

Nope – no cracker. But I did bring a bucket to barf in. Link from Copyranter.

The Greatest Ecard Site!

Without a doubt this is the greatest ecard site on the internet. I have been risking HR backlash by sending these out to co-workers for months. Visit

Toyota Traps Brazilian Ladies

Mazda could learn a thing or two from Brazil (see previous). My only thought is that they could have done a better job of featuring the vehicles.

Do we need more Billboards?

Great pic of a billboard-boat in Shanghai that floats along the Yellow river. The screen is actually video and simply moves up and down the channel for people nearby. Thanks to Rebecca for the pic and heads up!