Are we all doing the same thing?

A few months ago, Razorfish published a report called FEED. The report outlines findings from a comprehensive survey that polled ‘highly connected’ US internet users and asked them a variety of questions dealing with their branded online experiences. It is a fairly quick read (for a Razorfish deck) and contains some good stats for anyone … Continue reading

Want to have an affair?

Then register a profile on The dating site for people in a commited relationship who are looking for a random outlet (not a relationship) from their day-to-day partner. Their tagline? “Life is short. Have an affair.”Think I’m making this up? Here is a TV spot that the site tried to run during the Super … Continue reading

Social Networks will become as important as air

Big thanks to Mike for sending us a link this social network presentation. It’s a holistic view of some of the changes (some identity related) that social networks will be going through over the next few years. Essentially – you’re network and friends are going to come with you, everywhere. Sure, you can change your … Continue reading

The worlds most active twitter towns

A snapshot of the most active cities in the world based on twitter posts. My home, Toronto came in at 14 which is much higher than I would have expected. See the full list on TwitterLocal. Thanks to David Armano for sharing the site.

Social Networking World Map

Think that Facebook is the be all and end all of social networks? Maybe in Canada but there are bigger fish in the global landscape. If you had to bet on the next most popular Canadian social network, what would it be? Found on BoingBoing

Social Working for the rich Members: 320,000 Perks: Chit chat with the ultra-rich on the site’s forum about the best hotels in Monaco, buy a yacht from a member on the Market Guide, scour the luxury travel guide or browse the social calendar. This is by far the most active and well-known exclusive social networking site on the web … Continue reading

Social Networks and Email – ComScore Stats

Some interesting stats on the most popular social networks and email services on the web. Neat to see the growth of Facebook but the overall user dominance of MySpace. Link from Valleywag.

Great Quote – Social Networks

A social networking tool becomes a publicity tool when “I speak, you speak, I reply, you reply” becomes “I speak, you listen“. From CenterNetworks.

Create Your Own Social Network

For those of you who are tired of Facebook, MySpace, Bebo, LinkedIn and all the other social networks out there – try creating your own on Ning. Instead of sifting through the thousands of new applications, sponsored group pages and random friend requests, why not create your own group with your own criteria? By signing … Continue reading