The Econimist likes Pizza…boxes

The word from the Canadian University Marketing Blog is that the Economist is targeting Philadelphia area students with a Pizza Box based campaign. When I saw this I thought..”Interesting approach. Students rarely order a box of Pizza for themselves, so maybe Economist can help to start and create an educated conversation at the dinner table. … Continue reading

How easy it is to care. How easy it is to succeed.

Most banks, credit card companies, etc create a advertising campaign targeting small business a couple times a year. Usually every October during Small Business month, or around small business week (depending on what country/province/ state you live in). Enter Open Forum from American Express (developed by Digitas). A genius investment from a company that is … Continue reading

Gary Vaynerchuk Crushes it

Please find 30 minutes to watch this keynote. Video is a little sketch at the start, but fight through it.

TheTop 25 Marketing & Ad blogs by Feedburner stats

As compiled by The Viral Garden: 1 – Duct Tape Marketing – 243,0002 – Church of the Customer – 233,0003 – CopyBlogger – 44,4524 – Web Strategy by Jeremiah – 16,2385 – Search Engine Guide – 12,5786 – Chris Brogan – 11,2597 – Logic + Emotion – 10,6158 – Influential Marketing – 7,3349 – Daily … Continue reading


Here is an really easy way to take screengrabs of entire web pages. I just found this tool through Social Path (the site featured in the grab). Its called screengrab! a firefox plugin. Enjoy.

6 Steps to Better Display Metrics

I’ve done a few rants in the last year about the value of media impressions and how the current media measurement model is broken. A number of industry related groups have sprung up to discuss the issue, but I think that one key area we can focus on now is how to increase the current … Continue reading

Young & Free Alberta – GroudSwell Winner

During my busy day at work I have been trying to follow the GroundSwell awards on Twitter. They are streaming the awards live from the Forrester Consumer COnferenece, but I am too busy to watch, so twitter updates it is. Common Wealth Credit Union has just won a GroundSwell award for their campaign Young & … Continue reading

Virtual justice: Woman jailed for ‘killing’ her ‘husband.’

I found this story on the Social Path. Great timing as it relates to the discussion in the comments section of Ty’s post below. TOKYO – A 43-year-old player in a virtual game world became so angry about her sudden divorce from her online husband that she logged on with his password and killed his … Continue reading

Warning: Gamers Are Cool [and Influential]

I’ve been developing some in game strategies for a client and, as a result, have spent some time thinking and learning about gamers. I think for anyone over 30 the concept of gaming still seems nerdy, weird and reserved for young boys who spend a bit too much time in their parent’s basements. To be … Continue reading

Thinking Digital

A collegue of mine flipped me a link to a fantastic video from the Sony “Do you know series”. It’s a collection of stats – about global population growth, the rapid changes in techonlogy, the future of jobs and advertising. A couple that really jumped out at me: – The 25% of India’s population with … Continue reading