Trimming the bush to make the tree look taller.

This video contains a lot of firsts for Adjoke. I never thought our blog would carry an informational video on how men should properly shave down there but since it is an ad for Gillette here it is.

I also love effective PSA’s

First off this kid can act, second off it is an intriguing spot that delivers the message. Very PSA’s in my mind are effective. This one is.

I Love Simple Ideas

Well done Saatchi & Saatchi Sydney. Found on I Believe in Advertising.

Do you have a short attention span?

A new campaign has recently launched for the Worldwide Short Film Festival (brought to us by the Canadian film center). You might remember a few of the :15’s that ran last year if you went to the annual event (winners of the Silver Pencil at the One Show and Gold at the Bessies). Here’s one … Continue reading

Look Familiar?

Amazing. Love this type of stuff. Created by Leo Burnett. Imagine if you applied these types of client requests to other real-world situations. I’d love to go to future shop and redo my home entertainment system but demand that payment needed to be deferred for 120 days ala InBev. Nice work, Leo.

Is this the future of search?

Last week, a friend of mine was telling me about all the cool stuff that happened on the day he was born – popular songs, notable deaths, the time the sun rose, etc. Pretty random stuff – so random that I wondered how he knew all of it. A birthday site perhaps? Sort of. Wolfgram|Alpha … Continue reading

The Links – May Edition

Please forgive the lack of posts over the last few weeks. Paul and I have been busy at work and also organizing a big event coming in September. AdJoke is going to keep on rolling and we recently learned that one blog listing site has ranked our little blog one of the top ad blogs … Continue reading

Some Good Creativity

I’m a big fan of young creatives putting together great work. There’s something about the potential of going to Cannes as a Young Lion that seems to inspire people from around the world. I think that entries are still open but hurry, there are already a number of great ones on YouTube. Here is my … Continue reading

Entreprenuers Can Change The World

Well done Grasshopper. Apparently Grasshopper is a telcom provider in the US that offers a specialized service for Small Businesses that includes unlimited extensions, call forwarding, professional greeting, etc. To gain attention for their service they created this inspirational video that has 90,000 views 20 some days into the campaign and I have a feeling … Continue reading

Think Dangerously

Just came across a great post about dangerous ideas from Northern Planner.What is a dangerous idea? It’s not something that puts people in harms way, it’s a thought that challenges the way that people think. In 2006, the Edge Foundation asked industry leaders and their responses were quite amazing. Northern Planner added a few with … Continue reading