Dove Real Beauty – Not so real….maybe

Attention surrounding Dove’s “Campaign for Real Beauty” just got kind of ugly. Photos used in the self-esteem building initiative may have been airbrushed, according to an article in the May 12 issue of The New Yorker, posted online now. In the article, airbrush artist, Pascal Dangin of New York’s Box Studios, is quoted as saying … Continue reading

The Next Viral Sensation…Maybe…

If you work in marketing or advertising, you’ve certainly heard of something going “viral.” According to Wikipedia, “An object, even a non-material object, is considered to be viral when it has the ability to spread copies of itself.” We’ve all heard of the latest viral phenomenon. Whether it’s Dove Evolution or Still Free, many people … Continue reading

Campaign For Real Beauty Needs Wannabe Actresses

The Dove campaign for real beauty has announced a very ambitious plan to create a play based on the campaign concept. Dove and O&M who were big winners at this year’s Cannes Advertising Festival is thinking outside the (television) box – morphing Dove’s campaign to change perceptions of beauty and aging into a stage play. … Continue reading