Blow Your Mind

At a cottage a few weekends ago, a good friend of mine blew my mind by simply plugging in his iPhone and playing the latest Girl Talk album. Remember the revolutionary Grey Album by DJ Dangermouse? (A mash up featuring Jay Z’s Black Album and the Beatles White album). Girl Talk is like DJ Dangermouse … Continue reading

The First Rule of Mass Communications

Seth Godin recently posted the following article on his blog: “Organizations will work tirelessly to de-personalize every communication medium they encounter. Radio ads used to be live, personal and spoken by an individual. TV ads used to feature actual people, demonstrating something, usually live. Phone calls involved a live speaker, talking, with permission, to another … Continue reading

PowerShares – Your ideas may scare you

I enjoyed this very visually arresting spot. Powerful and humorous when you think about (love the little ideas comment), but my only criticism is the lack of call to action. Not even a URL or “Ask your broker about Powershares today”. I hope that they move this into print. I am interested to see how … Continue reading

Nice Print

Some more good work from CP+B.

Digital Top 10 Blogs [Excluding AdJoke]

A number of collegues in the last little while have asked me what some of the top blogs and sites are that I read on a daily basis. Although my Google Reader is pretty jammed (with a lot of sites that I never really check out), there are 10 that I try to check out … Continue reading

Follow Your Instinct with Samsung

A friend of mine forward me this new campaign for the Samsung Instinct (dubbed as one of the many “iPhone killers”). It’s a cool viral tool that has been used for some personal projects on the web before but I think this is one of the first times a brand has leveraged the “choose your … Continue reading

Microsoft Photosynth Now Live

Blow your mind. Seriously. Click here to download it now.

Don’t Get Caught in the Rain

This is one of the greatest new products I’ve seen and an astounding and hilarious video demonstration. Billed as the “Ultimate Self-Defense Umbrella”, this new product is has been deemed a class 5 weapon in the US in other countries and requires a weapons permit to purchase. After watching the “Watermelon” test, you’ll know why. … Continue reading

Watch your own heart attack

Nice work from London. Found on Contagious magazine.

AdJoke in QR

Here’s a cool little tool that allows you to make your own QR codes. If only our phones could read them in this country!