Beyond the Click

If you’ve ever read AdJoke, you’ll know that I’m a big advocate for better metrics online – especially when it comes to display advertising. I’m sick of measuring clicks and impressions. They are useless metrics that really don’t tell you anything about brand recall, message takeaway and purchase intent. Sure, you can tell if someone … Continue reading

6 Steps to Better Display Metrics

I’ve done a few rants in the last year about the value of media impressions and how the current media measurement model is broken. A number of industry related groups have sprung up to discuss the issue, but I think that one key area we can focus on now is how to increase the current … Continue reading

I Want Proof

On a number of ad-related things: 1. How many impressions in a campaign are actually seen, not just recorded? 2. Do flash display ads actually resonate more than static versions? 3. Is increased time spent within a site a good thing? Or simply a sign that your users can’t find the information their looking for … Continue reading