This Summer let your interns plan your TV campaigns…

…and invest the dollars that would have gone to media agency commission into something valuable (like auditing your website user-experience). Google TV ads is out and bringing the Google auction system to the world of media. I am interested in seeing how this service grows over the next few years. Something tells me that the … Continue reading

Discover from Sirius & BBDO.

I give this TV spot pretty high marks for both idea and execution. It will be interesting to see if the 30 second spot can be as effective.The 60 second media dollars can only last so long. Now, lets look at the entire campaign. It gets a 5. Where is the holistic campaign view? No … Continue reading

Canada’s Top 10 TV Shows [Last Week]

Seriously? This seems like a sad state of affairs when “So You Think You Can Dance” is number 1 and 2 in the ranking. Must be a slow, slow summer. At least the news made the top 10… 1 So You Think You Can Dance (CTV, Tuesday)—1,506,000 2 So You Think You Can Dance (CTV, … Continue reading