How Should Blogs be Ranked?

I came across a recent article in Marketing Magazine (our nemesis for the time being…) about their favorite marketing and advertising blogs. What interested me wasn’t the list itself, but how the authors choose the blogs in the first place. In typical fashion, they were simply accompanied by a headline and their list of favorites … Continue reading

Beyond the Click

If you’ve ever read AdJoke, you’ll know that I’m a big advocate for better metrics online – especially when it comes to display advertising. I’m sick of measuring clicks and impressions. They are useless metrics that really don’t tell you anything about brand recall, message takeaway and purchase intent. Sure, you can tell if someone … Continue reading

2 Days, 1 Billion Impressions?

Trolling around AgencySpy, I came across a story about T-Mobile. It turns out that they are attempting to launch the largest online campaign ever. To advertise the new Google Phone – G1 (featuring Android), T-Mobile is partnering with AOL’s Platform A Agency to attempt to deliver 1 billion online impressions in 2 days. Considering that … Continue reading

Want a Big Salary? Become a CMO.

AdAge reports that the average, American CMO makes approximately $1.5 million per year. Better to be at the 10 largest firms surveyed however, as the average CMO gets $4.8 million.

CMO Fact:

“49% of CMOs polled said they intended to put their accounts in review this year.” We work in a service industry. And, based on this AdAge statistic, half our clients aren’t very happy with what they’re getting.

How Would You Choose an Agency?

Would you put out a comprehensive RFP to a select group of the top 10 agencies you’ve heard of? An RFP that is so strict, it only reads more like a high school homework assignment than a creative opportunity? With timelines that force agency folk to work for 2 weeks straight just to exceed you’re … Continue reading

Internet Spending Continues; TV and News Decline

AdAge has just release a report that states that the top 100 advertisers in the US have increased their online display budgets by approximately $4.3 billion (33%) in the past year. Although ad spending only grew by 0.6%, the top dogs (who represent 41% of the total spend) clearly showed an interest in the web. … Continue reading

AdAge Power 150 Rankings

So we submitted AdJoke to the AdAge Power 150 Blog rankings. I am excited about our score of 13/15 from Todd’s score. That is where the man in charge ranks our blog based on content, recent posts and relevancy. Only 28 blogs out of 500 scored higher than us in this category. I am not … Continue reading