Pepsi: Warhol

As with any Lee Clow campaign there has been a lot of hype, discussion, and yes, some criticism. Out-of-home has always been in my opinion a medium best used when treated like a canvas versus a poster, post-card, newspaper ad or even a online banner. An artist approaches a canvas with a very specific outcome … Continue reading

Best video of 2009? Maybe. Greatest wedding entrance? Yes.

Not ad related at all but related in the fact that is amazing, contagious and made my evening. Tyler found this by searching the bowels of the internet also know as Perez Hilton. In Tyler’s words this will be the “best video of 2009”. UPDATE: Ty here – I wanted to add a thought to … Continue reading

Got a Pepsi for me?

Although we post a lot of new campaigns on the blog, sometimes it’s hilarious to check out old spots. Love the insight and the execution (it probably became the most used insight – drinking our product makes you cool – for this category of all time). What do you think happened to the kids?