Miller Lame…I mean light

Ok I get it…the dog leaves the A&B clydes for the better taste, less carbs of Miller Lite. Lame.

The Future of Facebook…PensionBook

This is one persons take on how Facebook will have to evolve to keep us using the site as we age. I love the “You have been poked by a walking stick”. Thank you to Brittany for the image.

Pepsi Dare – The Un-cola ads

What a refreshing new ad campaign from Pepsi (Pun intended). It looks nothing like a Pepsi ad let alone a Pop (or soda for teh yankees) ad. Great work BBDO Germany. ….but then again see the quote below.

Ad Quote of the Week

“We want consumers to say, ‘That’s a hell of a product’ instead of, ‘That’s a hell of an ad.” – Leo Burnett, quoted in 100 LEO’s, Chicago, IL: Leo Burnett Company, p. 14.

The consumer has earmuffs

The constantly evolving state of consumers, brands, products and industries is what makes our jobs exciting, interesting and worth every late night. The line above sums up the best part of working in this industry. Dealing with change.

Adidas Boost

A great tactic from Adidas during an Auckland marathon. In order to give runners more motivation during the race, Adidas had a custom made fan build to actually provide the 11,000 participants with a second wind. The fan was custom built and provided approximatley 50 knots of wind speed. It had a dedicated lane late … Continue reading

Rambo Death Chart

Stumbled Upon this amazing Rambo Death chart comparing the three films. People always talk about how violent film and entertainment has become (I know, I just spent 6 hours playing Halo) but charts like these really drive the point home. Can you believe that 236 people were killed in the last Rambo? 236? That is … Continue reading

The Blue Chair Campaign

digg_url = ‘DIGG_PERMALINK_URL’;Our friends over at the Ontario Undergraduate Student Alliance (OUSA) have recently launched a campaign that they call Blue Chair. OUSA, to back up for a moment, is an undergraduate student-run lobby group that focuses on student issues in the Ontario provincial government. Over the last number of years, they have run a … Continue reading

AdJoke’s New Look

After month’s of broken promises, we’ve finally found a new template that we like (after a few hours of reading HTML). Not only does it keep a lot more of our content above the fold, it also makes things much cleaner and easier for the user – as opposed to the infinite scroll that we … Continue reading

UNICEF Best Photo of 2007

Every year, UNICEF awards one photographer the distinction of “Photo of the Year.” The objective of the award is to shed light on human suffering and issues that can no longer be ignored. This year, American Stephanie Sinclair won for this photo of a 40 year-old Afgan man marrying an 11 year-old child. Quite the … Continue reading