Nice Work, Heineken

PJC posted a spot a few days ago for Heineken’s new global campaign – featuring a male’s dream walk-in closet full of cold Heineken’s. Advergirl recently posted a follow up that a couple of guys (most likely with the help of a good ad agency), just made. Call it, the ultimate follow up to the … Continue reading

Suicide Prevention

I can’t wait to see how angry suicide prevention groups get from this spot. To be honest, I was a bit surprised that Heineken went this far but it is a good insight. That being said, I doubt “Fuck it” and this spot will ever go to air in real-TV life. Found on AdRants

Ohhh to play with these budgets…

The Heineken Beer Brick

Stumbled on this great article about the Heineken beer brick. The idea comes from turning wasteful into useful products. Afred Heineken and designer John Habraken coined ‘the brick that holds beer’ after Heinken took a trip to the Caribbean. After walking on the beach and seeing hundreds of empty bottles but hundreds of locals without … Continue reading