It’s one thing to say that your brand is cool…

…and quite another to actually communicate it. No headlines, explanations or special offers. Just an attitude and a perspective. If you don’t get it, Adidas doesn’t really care…they’re not for everyone…(the new work from London…)

Adidas (and Sid Lee) Do It Again

If you haven’t seen the new Adidas Star Wars spot and microsite yet, you’re missing out. First off, the launch spot (posted below) follows the tone and style of the original Adidas Houseparty work. But with the addition of Star Wars and some sweet Darth Vader shots, the new spot is set to make a … Continue reading

No More Formats

I hate being stuck to a media plan before a client has even given us a creative brief. It’s so limiting to know that you’ve got to fit your idea into a box before you even have one. For some creatives though, it can be a good thing. You know what you’re working towards and … Continue reading

The Links

Sorry for the delay on these. Check them out. Interesting few weeks (to say the least) and a lot going on out there. Feel free to send your own as well and we will be sure to post them. – Seth writes about how “just doing your job” isn’t good enough.– Have you heard of … Continue reading

Celeb House Party – By Adidas

Trolling through CR Blog today, I came across the new Adidas spot created by Sid Lee in Montreal. It’s part of the Celebrate Originality campaign and features a ton of stars like David Beckham, Missy Elliot, Method Man and man others. CR made a great point about how it’s ironic that this house party contains … Continue reading

Adidas Boost

A great tactic from Adidas during an Auckland marathon. In order to give runners more motivation during the race, Adidas had a custom made fan build to actually provide the 11,000 participants with a second wind. The fan was custom built and provided approximatley 50 knots of wind speed. It had a dedicated lane late … Continue reading