A Beer Campaign Unlike Any Other

While watching the latest Shots reel last night (yes, that is what Crowe and I do on Friday nights), I came across this great VB campaign from Droga5 Sydney. The campaign, called Raise A Glass Appeal, features five people who tell stories of their friends and family that they’ve lost as a result of war. … Continue reading

Phillips Carousel is Turning Heads

On my Twitter feed a few days ago, I re-tweeted a post from Shots out of the UK in regards to this spot. When I viewed it on YouTube, it had less than 350 views, a few days later it’s over 20K and being picked up by a number of popular blogs. The first time … Continue reading

5 Spots You Need to Watch

This afternoon, I was pouring through the Shots DVD’s and found a lot of excellent TV spots. While my life is very digital focused, it’s always nice to watch some great commercials. Here are my favorite 6: Australia – “Come Walkabout” When I first saw this spot, it stopped me dead in my tracks. The … Continue reading