Cadbury Gorilla Follow Up ("Eyebrow Dance")

Cadbury made it big in 2008 with their Glass and a Half Full “Gorilla” video (which went viral and was then released on cinema’s as a 2 minute spot across the world). Here’s the follow up: Right now, it’s only got about 2,700 views on YouTube but I think that the randomness (and the fact … Continue reading

My Favorite Spot of 2008

I know, I know…what a statement. It will probably change in a few hours but after just watching this spot from Cadbury Schweppes, I had to blog it immediately. From a branding perspective, I’m sure link will be low and key message…well that’s going to be tough as well. But it’s a nice ad. It … Continue reading

Wunderbra Viral Spoof

Remember the Cadbury Gorilla viral? Well it looks like the people at Wunderbra put together a little spoof of the spot for the net. It’s had over 100,000 hits on YouTube already and continues to grow. If you can’t think of any content worth creating, just copy something that’s worked!

I can feel Cadbury beating the Gorilla to death

With the viral success of the drum-pounding, Phil Collins loving chocolate promoting Gorilla; Cadbury Canada has decided to try to extend the popularity creating a cinema camapign showing the viral spot but adding a drive to promotional web component. They are asking concumers to visit to enter to win. Check out Ty’s original post … Continue reading