Job Sites Going Niche

In case you didn’t hear, the web has a ton of niche sites for anyone’s specific interests. One category that is starting to become more fragmented is the Job Search market. Sites like and CareerBuilder provide a huge starting ground for perspective job seekers and employeers, but because of their size, the jobs can … Continue reading

eHarmony Ideas [Seriously]

Don’t ask me why, but I’ve been thinking a bit about eHarmony lately. It could be the relentless TV campaign of people who have finally found one another or a shout out to Super Crunchers but the system that eHarmony uses seems like it could have benefits across multiple industries. Consider it for a moment. … Continue reading

TalentEgg and The Graduate Niche

A good friend of mine launched a new site a few weeks ago called TalentEgg. The main objective of the site is to help graduate students find careers (and summer students find jobs). For employers, it’s a place to look for much-needed employees in a different way than the standard resume drop off. The site … Continue reading