Test 1

Being creative makes life more fun

Genius. Pure Genius captured with my iPhone in Downtown Toronto earlier this week.

Do you think about sound?

If you don’t think about sound you should. It impacts productivity, sales, mood, your health and more. It can also define a brand. What is the sound within your retail locations, your advertisements, your on-hold message and how does it all work together to create a positive and healthy world of sound.

Stanley Cup Finals

If you aren’t Canadian you might not get goosebumps like I just did – but watch anyway. Go Hawks.

The Glee Effect

For all the talk about TV being dead, it still has a huge influence over our behavior. When we see something we like on TV, we surf for it, try to find more of it and broaden the experience we just had. Here’s a recent example of this effect:Glee, a popular American TV series (one … Continue reading

Skittles: Tube Sock

I love the risk taking that lies within the marketing department of skittles. I also love how they are able to capitalize on other trends or pop culture phenomenon in a way that doesn’t come across as copying or contrived. Betty White put old people back on the map as being funny and entertaining to … Continue reading

Social media success starts with asking the right question

For the last five years, I’ve done a lot of work with brands and clients in social media. From podcasts to blogs, Facebook to Foursquare, social platforms have been – and continue to be – the hot topic for brands across the globe. About two years ago, many brands entered what I would call the … Continue reading

I Have An Idea Portfolio Night 8: Advertising is Calling

I remember doing sponsorship sales for Portfolio Night in Canada 2 when it was only in Toronto & Vancouver – now look at it. Well done Ignacio and team.

Oh the humour: Darth Vader for TomTom

“You should have seen his face when I told him I was his father”….priceless. Great stuff from TomTom.

I love this guy…

Funniest American commercial actor? I think so. Playstation…keep up the good (hilarious work). Thanks to Jason via Facebook for the original link.