A Beer Campaign Unlike Any Other

While watching the latest Shots reel last night (yes, that is what Crowe and I do on Friday nights), I came across this great VB campaign from Droga5 Sydney. The campaign, called Raise A Glass Appeal, features five people who tell stories of their friends and family that they’ve lost as a result of war. … Continue reading

A Different Approach to Cell Phone Advertising

You can’t deny it – Droga 5 has done some great stuff in the last few years. A collegue of mine just flipped me a link to this spot from Australia: I really like the “hit them hard” strategy of this spot. The tone of the voice at the end brings some good humour to … Continue reading

Vanilla Ice Does Virgin

Virgin Australia has launched a new campaign called “Right Music Wrongs.” The campaign, created by the Droga5 crew, focuses on artists (like Vanilla Ice) apologizing for the music, culture and news they created back in the day. A small microsite has been created which allows users to upload artists who the think are guilty of … Continue reading

Guitar Hero Bike Hero

Here is the latest viral video from Droga5 and Co. It was created to promote Guitar Hero World tour and already has over 1.4 million YouTube views. I’m pretty mixed on this one. It’s a cool idea but gamers are an influential and savvy group and they don’t like fake stuff. A quick look at … Continue reading

Method & Droga 5. A great fit.

I just read on Advertising Age that Droga 5 has landed the Method account. Every now and again I hear about a new client agency relationship and I think, “Wow, I couldn’t think of a better fit”. This is definitely one of those. I look forward to seeing the work in 2009. From Ad Age: … Continue reading

Quote of the Day

“Understanding the consumer is much more than knowing how and when to talk to them — it’s also knowing when not to.” – David Droga

Culture Jamming

Culture jamming is an interesting phenomenon. Over the past decade, a number of examples of culture jamming have surfaced across the world (some of my favorites below). To the normal person, culture jamming is nothing more than a defaced billboard, an advertisement with some ironic graffiti or any OOH piece that has been “tampered” with. … Continue reading

TAP Project and thougths

I am sure that you have seen this before. I wanted to share it because the other night when I was watching the video I was trying to think how many times I had heard an idea of this proportion come-up in a brainstorm, presented to a client, etc to only see that idea never … Continue reading