AdJoke Goes International

Sorry everyone for the lack of posts thus far in 2010. It’s been a wild few weeks for Paul and I. I’ve recently moved to London, England to continue working in the ad biz and I’m excited to bring more of an international flare to AdJoke over the next few years. As anyone who has … Continue reading

W+K’s 2009 Agency Goals

If you haven’t read W+K’s London blog, it’s a great example of an agency blog that it fun, insightful and all about people. It’s one of the few agency blogs that’s written for the people of the agency, rather than a “hard sell” about what Weiden can do for you. Rather than tell you about … Continue reading

Quote of the Day

“The bullet that kills you never hits you between the eyes. It always hits you in the temple. You never see it coming, because you’re looking in the wrong direction.” – EDS Futurist Jeff Wacker (quoted by Thomas Friedman in Hot, Flat and Crowded) I love this quote. It’s said here in an environmental context, … Continue reading

A Great Spot

Just checked out this spot from Godin’s blog. I have to say that it’s one of the best TV spots I’ve seen thus far this year. Why? Because it asks a direct question to the viewer right off the bat and forces you to pay attention. But even when you do, you don’t…and that’s the … Continue reading

European Windows Error

It seems like these Window’s error messages are spreading…this one’s from London….Thanks to Jen for the pics!

London Week – Jesus is Back!

Another tube execution from London. I really enjoy the dramatic lightening bolt around the bible. Fantastic work from one of the top creative teams in the UK. Don’t worry though, he’s funny this time! (Found the writer standing next to it…)

London Week – Sex Sells in London?

Saw this in a tube station. “Scotch Beef. Always hot in the winter” Nothing like hairy legs and a dude to make me want to eat beef for dinner. (Sadly, I’d had beef ribs about 30 minutes before and puked in my mouth after seeing this…thanks Scotch Beef.)

London Week – Nike iD. Studio

After doing some shopping this afternoon (don’t worry, London’s extremely cheap for great stuff…right), I wandered into Nike Town and this is what greeted me. For those of you who haven’t seen it, Nike has an option on their home site to customize your own shoes. From the design to the colour of the swoosh, … Continue reading

London Week – Post 1

Just arrived in London a few hours ago and was stuck by the differences in their ads versus the ones that we see in North America. Throughout the week, I’ll be blogging about some of the European executions that I see during my stay here. For now, I’d like to start with writing about Icons. … Continue reading