Quality Impressions are related to Time

In my ongoing quest to change media planning (I’m not in media, nor to I have a specific desire to be), one of my new rants is about time. When television emerged in the mid-1900’s as the new, dominant consumer medium, ad buying revolved around time. What time were the top shows on and how … Continue reading

TIME – The Top 25

Need a blog to read other than AdJoke? Check out TIME’s top 25 listing here. (we just got word that AdJoke came 26th…)

Make The Most Of Now

Really enjoy this new spot from Vodafone. You don’t see many 90 second spots these days, but this one does a good job keeping the viewers interest. The ending has a nice payoff and attempts to answer the “why do I need internet on my mobile?” question in a meaningful way. Use those bits of … Continue reading