In your face, Audi!

I love the BMW smack down on Audi on this one. Both brands have done some really smart advertising in the last couple of years but I still love it when they take shots at each other – even if it is on a street in Santa Monica. The fact that these brands not only … Continue reading

BMW – Still Defining Innovation

Remember this wicked BWM spot? The brand has now gone even further with their Innovation strategy and created a BWM museum in Munich. The museum houses a number of BMW concepts and installations that will blow your mind. My two favorites – the concept car GINA with a mallable shell and the floating balls. Both … Continue reading

Good Advertising Turns Me On…

…so does BMW’s. Put them together and well…

Defining Innovation

If you haven’t seen this old spot from BMW, it’s well worth checking out. “The walls between art and engineering exist only in our minds”