A Googlers "Jerry Maguire" Moment

Sifting through some posts on Valleywag tonight, I clicked on a link to the Google Blog and read a long (over 4,000 words…) post from Google’s SVP of Product Development, Jonathan Rosenberg. It is quite a read – not because of it’s length, but because it sheds some light on the attitudes and beliefs within … Continue reading

Digital Suicide

You might have heard of this story already, but I just read a post on Valleywag about a teenager who committed live suicide on the popular American video site Justin.tv. Abraham Biggs was an avid Lifecaster on the site (essentially, thousands of people are creating their own life-reality TV shows and posting them to video … Continue reading

Venture Capital Predictions

A few nights ago, a group of VC’s got together in Silicon Valley to discuss what the future of the technology in the world could look like – and where they could invest their dollars. Valleywag has put together a quick list of some of the predictions that came out of the night: Customer data … Continue reading