G-Speak – Minority Report is now here…

I’ve been doing a bit of work lately with touch and Surface systems and really hope that we can start to see this Minority-report-style tech hit the market in an accessible way. When the first systems hit (think mall event instillations or conference centers), it’s going to be very tough to ignore. g-speak overview 1828121108 … Continue reading

One. Dramatic. 5 Year-old.

Cinestud 2010 Trailer from Chris Christodoulou on Vimeo. Nice spot. Although I can see some groups and associations getting pretty upset with this in the coming weeks. Found via copyranter.

Stella Artois: Up There

Up There from Mekanism on Vimeo. Found on The Curious Brain.

Creative Inspiration (5 Links)

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted. I’ve really missed it but have been a bit slammed on the work front. But I do have good news. I’ve been checking out all the latest awards sites and have 5 links that you’ve got to check out (these are all from the Webby‘s but there are a … Continue reading

No Challenge is too big

Some clients get it. They see the challenge and opportunity, then give their agency the time and money to make it happen.

Shower together: Axe

In the words of my colleague Mike B., “It’s great. Purpose without leaving the realm of the brand.” I agree. Thanks Martin for sharing.

Drambuie: The Greatest Golfer You’ve never heard of. Moe Norman

This is phenomenal. I love brands that understand how to tell an intriguing story and through telling that story they elevate their brand, capture consumer attention and in this case deliver a product focused message. Why does this work for me? What do most bartenders do better than mix drinks? Tell stories. They could have … Continue reading

In case you missed it the sub is $2.99

Even price focused ads can be fun. Laser Knifes, Fireworks & Flames.

Old Spice continues to have fun

Loving the latest TV work from Old Spice. It’s fun, over-the-top, ridiculous and hilarious all at the same time. Plus, Old Spice made a ton of different versions which will probably air on YouTube and in specific regions in the States. If you’ve got a PVR, you’re not going to fast forward through this stuff … Continue reading

The King Steals McDonalds recipe

Now this ad is unique. They come right out and say we are basically copying our biggest competition. It instantly puts their product in the consideration set for any fans of the McDonalds product and adds some personality. Thanks to Mr. Millett for sharing.