A Free Lesson in Customer Service

If you haven’t heard of “iPod’s Dirty Secret” you should check it out below. The video was created a few years ago in response to Neistat brothers horrible call with Apple about his defunct iPod battery. Essentially, the customer service rep told him that he only had once choice – to buy a new iPod … Continue reading

Jailbroken Ipod Touches featured in Ads

Both Circuit city and RadioShack have run the same image in their weekend circulars – the image of a Ipod touch that has been jailbroken. My guess is that this can be blamed on one of two things, cheap clients and stock photography or a moronic retoucher/photographer assistant..etc. Essentially I believe they purchased the cheapest … Continue reading

Apple talks – the world listens part uno

I am pretty sure that this post is like a belly button for blogs – everybody has got one, but here we go…. If you just woke up from a 2-day sleep Apple has made some pretty exciting announcements. My comments are in (brackets) – your comments go below: $200 price drop on iPhone (about … Continue reading