Another Absolut POS

My hatred continues for Absolut. Creative: “Let’s do a low-key viral video. We will get a big star (Kayne…kids love him right now), shoot it in a studio, make it look brutal and create a fake microsite for people to actually get the Kayne tablets. Client: I love YouTube. Make me a viral video. Creative: … Continue reading

Remind You of Anything?

We’ve blogged a lot about the horrible Absolut global campaign…we’ll they’ve come out with a new gem featuring their citron vodka. Quite the image. Great post about it on copyranter.

Another Absolut piece of crap

In an Absolut world men come in a box? Excuse my perverse sense of humour but I am pretty sure that already happens. Think about it. Ty has already posted twice about how we feel this campaign is a slap in the face to the legacy that is Absolut’s advertising history. Is a review imminent? … Continue reading

Absolut World Strikes Again

Another horrible ad from the new Absolut campaign. Nothing like making fun of Global warming to sell more vodka. Link from Copyranter.