The Perfect Presentation

I’ll admit it, I’ve been late to jump on the Mad Men train. I watched a few episodes when it first came out on AMC but, to be honest, got a bit bored and went back to my HBO roots (The Wire, mostly). After hearing about the show from a number of colleagues for the … Continue reading

Alexander Keith’s Birthday

For our International readers information Alexander Keith’s is one of the most beloved and revered beers in Canada. Every year Keith’s launches an integrated campaign to honour the man who brought us the delicious Alexander Keith’s India Pale Ale 214 years ago. To be full transparent I am on the team that worked on this … Continue reading

User generated billboards delivering happiness

Original? No. Unique? Not really? Good? Yes. In the words of Marcel Proust, “The real voyage of discovery exists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes”.

J -hova is back with the blueprint for music ads

Insights and brands. Why do they matter? I think that this TV spot created by Droga 5 answers the question. Most agencies would have approached this opportunity with a very different lens and most clients would have expected a very different result. What is different? Insights, true insights that allows the creative to resonate with … Continue reading

This is about to go viral…

You know you’ve got a great product when a team of drug cops gets distracted from their raid for 9 hours to use it…from Mashable:

PayPal Opens Up

On November 3rd, PayPal is going to open up to developers world wide. I sense that this could mean big things for PayPal (a client of ours) and I’m very excited to see how developers around the globe incorporate one of the most reliable payment systems on the web. To help announce this change to … Continue reading

Imagine Leadership

I’ve been searching around for some great presentations lately that contain great stats. These searches have been focused on the Global Ad industry in relation to digital and consumption habits but I stumbled on one tonight that focuses on Leadership. Being a leader means vastly different things to different people. To some, it’s about business … Continue reading

Goat Tears cure all

Here is a brand that needs some serious help with packaging but not with advertising. I love when she is showing the goat its Nana’s grave. Hilarious.

Allan Gray shares the story of James Dean

I have always loved James Dean which is possibly why I enjoy this so much. The other reason is that it got me to pay attention to an investing ad AND I got the message. I hope they continue with this strategy and tell other classic and compelling stories.

Impatience is a virtue: Samsung

Samsung is finally getting an attitude. They are a brand that hasn’t really stood for anything and their advertising, especially out-of-home, has been horrible over the past few years. Finally something from Samsung that makes me wish I owned something from Samsung.