Great Camera + Amazing Parkour = Good Ad

I’m surprised the video below didn’t get more press in Canada. Created for XBOX by the creative director and co-founder of AKQA, this spot uses 1,000 FPS camera’s to capture Parkour in it’s truest way. The shots are amazing, the talent is crazy (considering the buildings and ledges that they are going off) and the … Continue reading

Have you heard? Twitter is here!!!!!

In case you haven’t noticed, the only website being talked about in the world right now is Twitter. When Oprah and Larry King are talking about how to subcribe to their Tweets, you know that the site has gone mainstream. We’ve been having a number of discussions about the site and although I think it’s … Continue reading


First off, I can’t believe that we’ve already got a few followers. This blog was started during the TEDx application process and I promise that it is only going to get better and better over the next few months. We’ve already had some people offer their support in the organization of the event and I … Continue reading

Honda Shine’s with Vimeo

We recently did a post about the new Honda ‘Let it Shine’ spot. It was another great TV spot from W+K. But what about the integrated campaign? Better yet, how could Honda take this idea and spread it online in meaningful way? Cue a great media partnership with Vimeo. Honda has created a fantastic page … Continue reading

Armano on the Future…

David Armano posted a new presentation he’s giving on the future of advertising tomorrow. As per usual, the design is great – enticing slides combined with excellent examples and ideas. Although we’ve heard a lot of these ideas before (traditional model is dying, old CEO’s aren’t changing enough with the times, departments are isolated and … Continue reading

Google’s Data Container Centre

Minor security. Only a little bit of engineering.

Greenpeace = Big Budgets Apparently

Heineken Cab – A PSA I enjoyed

Excellent track selection – I will be singing it all day.

What is your brand?

I had a great discussion tonight about knowing your personal brand and it got me thinking – do people even consider their brand when they use the digital space? Take Facebook as the prime example. If you’re under 25 and live in Canada, chances are that you’ve got a profile. There are, after all, over … Continue reading

My Favourite Image Search Site of the day

One of the many cool projects found at Airtight Interactive is this Flickr Image Search tool. Try it out. I love how it takes specific keywords and also returns relevant other keywords so you can quickly find just the right photo.