Farewell to 2009

Found on The Curious Brain.

Crowdsourced Star Wars

Star Wars: Uncut Trailer from Casey Pugh on Vimeo. Although this is a few weeks old, I just stumbled on it and love the idea. A few rabid fans have decided to remake Star Wars using user generated clips cut together. Simply go to their microsite, register for one of the 1100 or so 15 … Continue reading

The Best Ad of the Year?

It’s not a TV spot or a website. Not an experiential marketing tactic or social media promotion. Not a banner ad, billboard, branded game or special product placement. Not a CRM program or integrated campaign. It’s not global campaign, it’s a one-off execution. And it’s just a newspaper ad. A black and white newspaper ad. … Continue reading

p-card.ca: Send your Warmest Wishes

Extreme Group (where I work) is out with our holiday cheer. With stream options including normal, trickle, firehose and tipsy you can customize your own warm wishes in the snowbank for all of your loved ones to see. A full video of your masterpiece is shared with all to see from first drip to the … Continue reading

Guiness Scout: A drop of greatness in every man

This spot will be running through-out Africa to coincide with the African Cup of Nations and FIFA 2010. I have a feeling Guiness sales will be up over the next few months in Africa.

Best Christmas themed ad of 2009?

I have a feeling that these ads will be getting talked about a lot more over the next few weeks. These :10 second spots take classic Christmas imagery and add some live action arms and voice-overs to bring to life the party. It is excellent and entertaining creative from Mother London.

Orangina: Maybe too bloody

Maybe this is a brand missed in the top 10 bad ass brands of 2009 requested by Emma. I guess they think an out-of-shape naked man being dominated by a sex panther will sell juice.

My god this ad sucks

Are you kidding me? How about another alcohol brand creates an ad that shows that their product is for care-free, we live by our own rules, create our own party, cool and spontaneous people. Give me a break. It’s a load of shit. We don’t buy it and neither do consumers.

People die so you can propose

Ok, the title might be a little harsh but…well nevermind. This spot is both intriguing, well shot and well a good idea. They should create a site where you can enter your diamonds certification number and see the area it was mined and its “safe and legal” journey to its new home.

Top 10 ‘Badass’ Brands of 2009

For our first Top 10 list, Emma has asked us to do a rundown of the best ‘Badass’ brands of the year. Prior to doing so, I had to look up what Badass actually meant and the always-accurate Urban dictionary has a good definition: “1. adjective. having extremely favorable qualities 2. adjective. pertaining to a … Continue reading