Warning: Gamers Are Cool [and Influential]

I’ve been developing some in game strategies for a client and, as a result, have spent some time thinking and learning about gamers. I think for anyone over 30 the concept of gaming still seems nerdy, weird and reserved for young boys who spend a bit too much time in their parent’s basements. To be … Continue reading

What do consumers think of your brand?

Wondering what words come to the minds of consumers … brandtags will tell you.

ING – I need to go

ING pushes the limits of the Banking industry with their latest campaign. Drop by the site embedded below. Yes, it is for ING.

I’m Loving It…

Yet another example of the risk’s of online sponsorship. Think McDonald’s was planning on sponsoring Pete Doherty shooting up again? Doubt it. At least the Legend lives on…

Webvershoptainment – HoneyShed.com

I admit I completely made up the word webvershoptainment and I agree it is horrible, but HoneyShed.com is looking to become the first venture of merged online entertainment with branding and drive to purchase. As Andrew Essex says below it is “MTV meets QVC”. “Honeyshed is a broadband destination that celebrates the sell,” says Andrew … Continue reading

Horrible Media Placement

Ok look closely below. First the article is scary. A 66-year old man who only has 20% vision in one eye is caught downloading over 2000 images of child porn. What gets placed on this article? First, a leaderboard boasting how they have doubled the number of items on their online store. Second look at … Continue reading

Radiohead – A Perfect 10

Marketers beware we have entered a new era. Last week Radiohead held all 10 spots in the top 10 plays of last.fm followed by Kanye West, Foo Fighters and then guess who at 13… Radiohead. This is what happens when you try to be a little disruptive; and it doesn’t hurt that they are Radiohead … Continue reading

One More Time…Daft Punk Promotes Album Online

Daft Punk is promoting their new album online with an embeddable widget, which allows visitors to listen to previews of new tracks, buy the single, read Daft Punk’s biography, read the newsletter, and see a photo gallery of the band. Pretty sweet. The music industry has taken the lead when it comes to embracing the … Continue reading

Recession? I ain’t afraid of no recession.

By all accounts national GDP growth in the US is expected to be the lowest it has been since 2002. Current predictions have the growth to come in around 2%. In 2002 the economy was emerging from a recession and the sluggish 1.6% growth rate was a welcome sign of good things to come. Five … Continue reading

Hidden Talents – What are yours?

Incredible Video. From Seth Godins blog The Dip. What allows some people go through life with a dream and the knowledge that they have the ability to achieve it but they do not chase it? Fear paralyzes them and their dreams. If agencies and clients stopped being fearful of risk and failure how much better … Continue reading