How well do you know your friends?

From across the pond in the UK, Orange has lauched a nice experience to promote the new Motorola DEXT. The site lets users login using Facebook Connect, Twitter and MySpace and asks them 10 questions about their friends. It’s quite straightforward but I like how the questions really make you think. For the record, I … Continue reading


I’m in the UK this week and, as a result, have had the privilege of being exposed to some great advertising (don’t worry, there is still the usual amount of crap here as well). Here’s a spot from Orange that I’m really into: Good message although I’d be interested to see how the brand truly … Continue reading

A Tactical Ad that doesn’t suck

I can imagine what this brief might have looked like: Main Message: Orange offers it’s customers two for one movies on Wednesday’s Strategy: Show consumes why being with Orange is better than any other teleco provider Mandatories: Explain the new service, show it, talk about Orange, show friends having fun together, 60 second spot, tag … Continue reading