Virgin Turns 25

Here’s a spot that is getting a lot of press in the UK. I like the random 80’s references, the hilarious looking characters and, of course, the Virgin airline folks. I’m not sure how I feel about the “Still Red Hot” tagline but the back end animation is nice. Still, you don’t really see 90’s … Continue reading

Why a picture from the worlds tallest structure made me think about brands.

This is a real picture from the worlds tallest structure in Dubai. Yes, it is an amazing photo but lets talk about brands. Dubai is a major global business centre filled with thousands upon thousands of buildings, but on a day when the cloud rolls in only about 20 remain to be seen from the … Continue reading

Stop Making Ads…Create Great Experiences

While on a train from Bruge to London, I heard an announcement that reminded me of what excellent customer service and communications sounds like. Our train was scheduled to arrive at 10:19PM. About twenty minutes after we started the journey (it was only about a 2 hour trip), the conductor came on and said the … Continue reading


I know, I know, The Dark Knight has been out for over a couple of days but I couldn’t help but posting about the new #1 Blockbuster movie in History. There’s nothing quite like a dead brand. Batman sucked. The origins were great and the first few movies were alright (Batman / Batman Returns) but … Continue reading

What do consumers think of your brand?

Wondering what words come to the minds of consumers … brandtags will tell you.