Kobe Bryant selling Ankle Insurance

Another video from Nike showcasing their superstar Kobe Bryant. It would be a lot more cool if they actually began providing ankle insurance with the purchase of the shoes.

The Worlds Worst Ad Placement

Over the past year and a half I have posted a few different examples of horrible ad placements but this one takes the cake. I won’t spoil it for you but it is well worth watching. Over fast forward to 1:23.

The New Siren’s Song – Branded iPhone Apps

While giving a presentation to a few colleagues on digital today, I talked a lot about how the App Store from Apple is changing the game for mobile devices. As a user, I can go on everyday and download thousands of applications (for free or a nominal sum) that enhance my mobile experience about 1000%. … Continue reading

Quality Impressions are related to Time

In my ongoing quest to change media planning (I’m not in media, nor to I have a specific desire to be), one of my new rants is about time. When television emerged in the mid-1900’s as the new, dominant consumer medium, ad buying revolved around time. What time were the top shows on and how … Continue reading

Carnival Cruises – Play for All

This campaign is exceptional. After seeing these spots Carnival is the cruise line that owns fun. I can’t remember a single cruise ship commercial. I imagine I have seen one before but nothing worth noting. Its great how people take notice when you have something interesting to say…cue next post.

Do you have something interesting to say?

Whats changed in the world of advertising since 1940? Click play. Found on the Social Path via German agency Scholz & Friends and Reg Saddler on Twitter.

Social Networks will become as important as air

Big thanks to Mike for sending us a link this social network presentation. It’s a holistic view of some of the changes (some identity related) that social networks will be going through over the next few years. Essentially – you’re network and friends are going to come with you, everywhere. Sure, you can change your … Continue reading

Cadbury Gorilla Follow Up ("Eyebrow Dance")

Cadbury made it big in 2008 with their Glass and a Half Full “Gorilla” video (which went viral and was then released on cinema’s as a 2 minute spot across the world). Here’s the follow up: Right now, it’s only got about 2,700 views on YouTube but I think that the randomness (and the fact … Continue reading

The links – Pauls edition

Obama’s inaugaration is the 5th most watched event in internet history. See the list. Mark Hurd, CEO of HP likes food. $243,000 worth of food in 2008. Believe it. Merrill Lynch CEO spends $1.2 million on office make-over. Then gets canned. Sweet justice. Mobile Predictions for 2009 on burning the bacon. Not sure what I … Continue reading

Don’t Blink. You’ll miss the High Life.

From Biz Journals MillerCoors said Tuesday that it will premier a one-second ad for its Miller High Life brand during the Super Bowl broadcast Feb. 1. The spot will focus on the brand’s current campaign that features the burly High Life delivery man who aims to reinforce the brand as a “good, honest beer at … Continue reading