5 Spots You Need to Watch

This afternoon, I was pouring through the Shots DVD’s and found a lot of excellent TV spots. While my life is very digital focused, it’s always nice to watch some great commercials. Here are my favorite 6:

Australia – “Come Walkabout”

When I first saw this spot, it stopped me dead in my tracks. The problem was it was the 30, not the full length. The 30 comes at you out of nowhere and I think that most viewers didn’t get the story. You don’t have that problem with the full length. We all know that vacations help us to get away from the stress of daily life. The strategy of ths spot isn’t new – but the execution is fantastic.

Carlton – Woman Whisperer


Herringbone – Small Hands

I don’t know if this 3 minute spot ever ran on TV, but it’s like a short (fictional) documentary. It reminded me of the current Monster.com campaign but better (and the CGI is great).

Amnesty International – Channel Surfing

What if the important events in the world were on every channel and we couldn’t ignore them? In an Amnesty world, it would happen.

Telnor – Rock Star Myth

Epic commercial and although the pay-off at the end is a bit of a let down, it gets the point across – TV has changed.

Thx to Bud for the inspiration.

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