Google Trends and my love

My love for Google Trends is strong. Today I was discussing them with a few colleagues and they helped me realize a few things: Media are you watching – how many media companies use google trends to search relevance, interest and the effectiveness of programs. one example – last nigh Fox News US ran a … Continue reading

Google’s Conquest

A few nights ago, I had the pleasure of going to the CMA’s with some guys from Google. As the night went on, we got to talking about the power of Search and I heard a phrase that I instantly fell in love with. “Search is the database of Intentions” Think about it. Search engines … Continue reading

Google Trends. Google is more popular than sex

Ben Shoemate was playing with Google Trends yesterday. See his post below: With a few keystrokes you can satisfy your need for both useless trivia interesting facts and the data to back it up. Where else can you discover that basset hounds are more popular in Hungary, that Hillary Clinton is finally more popular than … Continue reading

Visual Thoughts

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HTC to make first Android phone

I am pretty excited about the linux based android phones coming out in the near future. This will literally change the entire mobile marketing game. Applications and content will be interchangeable between devices. Meaning free exchange of files (music, video, etc) allowing for content to go viral at twice the speed it currently does. Article … Continue reading