Trident: The people have tweeted

Everyone has heard the stats that consumers trust the recommendations of peers and friends more than advertising (big surprise there). At the same time we all know that social media and the features and functionality of the always evolving world wide web have enabled us share, express our opinions and make our networks and communities … Continue reading

LT DANCE: The Electric Glide

I really hope that this video is a part of some Nike Superbowl commercial. Oh my do I ever pray that this is a calculated part of a strategy that will ultimately reveal itself as a genius superbowl campaign. If not, I have lost all respect for LT.

Eat This, Diamond Shreddies

I’ll admit it, I’m a fan of the Diamond Shreddies campaign (and not just because it’s Canadian). But this new webspot from Raisin Bran Crunch is hilarious and instantly classic. Like Shreddies, Raisin Bran is a pretty boring and unchanged product. It’s extremely difficult to get people talking about it and most of the existing … Continue reading

Please. Take me back.

Loving this new campaign for LactoFree (a milk product). It would have been so easy to do a boring “Guess what? Now people who are lactose can drink milk again” spot but W+K choose to do (what they normally do) and create a campaign built around an insight and an idea. People with lactose have … Continue reading

AdJoke Goes International

Sorry everyone for the lack of posts thus far in 2010. It’s been a wild few weeks for Paul and I. I’ve recently moved to London, England to continue working in the ad biz and I’m excited to bring more of an international flare to AdJoke over the next few years. As anyone who has … Continue reading

Ask the Right Questions

Welcome to 2010. While we all make our usual resolutions (not drinking for a month, working out more, reading more, etc), here’s one idea for you to think about over the next 12 months: don’t ask the obvious questions, ask the right one. Malcolm Gladwell gave a TED talk in 2007 about what we can … Continue reading