Coca-Cola Snowball

Well, I am pretty happy that Coca-Cola didn’t go with some sappy, all the nations love each other, human achievement is awesome, the world is better with sports than war, and just like with the Olympics we can all come together and have a Coke together spot. But I am not 100% sold on this … Continue reading

Get involved in your conversations

This image shows the search results for “aniston globes” after the Golden Globes. I wanted to share the amazing dress that Jennifer was wearing at the event with a colleague. In the search results and clearly highlighted was relevant conversations happening in twitter and showcased by “recency” not quality, or accuracy. This is on the … Continue reading

Are we all doing the same thing? … continued.

Before I jump into my post and share with you some thoughts I want to point out to everyone that Tyler has moved to London so beyond taking Adjoke global a few other things have changed. The biggest change Tyler and I can no longer grab a beer or sit on the couch and discuss … Continue reading

Create experiences, not messages and destinations.

Some brands just “get-it”. If you or your clients are still demanding that everything must drive hits to their website with every campaign than they need to wake-up. Advertising to consumers in the digital space has quickly evolved from driving consumers (through media) to destination sites to intersecting consumers with experiences. The best campaigns are … Continue reading

Are we all doing the same thing?

A few months ago, Razorfish published a report called FEED. The report outlines findings from a comprehensive survey that polled ‘highly connected’ US internet users and asked them a variety of questions dealing with their branded online experiences. It is a fairly quick read (for a Razorfish deck) and contains some good stats for anyone … Continue reading

Adidas (and Sid Lee) Do It Again

If you haven’t seen the new Adidas Star Wars spot and microsite yet, you’re missing out. First off, the launch spot (posted below) follows the tone and style of the original Adidas Houseparty work. But with the addition of Star Wars and some sweet Darth Vader shots, the new spot is set to make a … Continue reading

Mobile. You Don’t Know Until It’s Gone.

For the last week, I haven’t had a mobile phone. I’ve been in the UK for just under a week now and just haven’t had time (or a bank account, until today) to actually get one. For someone who had an iPhone and a BlackBerry for the past two years, it’s a dramatic and strange … Continue reading

Simplicity turns me on….honestly.

If you haven’t seen the video for the Nexus One phone have a look at it before you read the rest of this post. The simplicity of the communication, the minimalist approach to the design makes that video an absolute stand-out. Think about how complex the features of that phone are and think about the … Continue reading

Coke: Happiness Machine

Definition 6 and Coke are delivery happiness. It reminds me a little of the VW Fun Theory from an experience standpoint, but that is more than OK. That is awesome. The way that this execution will ignite the conversation around the brand and how it delivers happiness is the way more agencies and all marketers … Continue reading

Cera-nation meets Jersey Shore: Youth Revolt

I was just introduced to this wonderful piece of promotional advertising. A last minute attempt to connect with the MTV & Jersey Shore fans before the opening night of the film. In my opinion it is hilarious and achieves exactly what it needed to. Well done.